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Why Car Insurance is Always a Good Idea for You

When it comes to car insurance, just thinking about the various types and which ones are required by the law can be daunting. Many people think that because they are diligent and good drivers who observe all the laws of the road and drive well within the speed limit that they have no need for car insurance. They think that if all the confusion and cost that goes into selecting and purchasing car insurance can be avoided by simply being a good driver, why then should they bother with it.
But the need for car insurance goes way beyond what type of driver you are. Drivers who swerve in and out of traffic in high performing sports cars are in just as in need of car insurance as those that always look both ways and travel 5 mph under the speed limit on the highway.
For one thing, the law requires it. And the police are not concerned with your driving skills. But another huge factor is the fact that whiles a driver is on the road, he or she is not really in control. There are many, many outside factors that can lead to a serious collision no matter how hard a person tries to avoid them.
One of these outside factors that cannot be avoided is other drivers. The dude road weaving in the sports car can come up next to the defensive driver in the Volvo and cause a wreck. When this happens, the person in the Volvo will regret not having insurance. Even if the driver that caused the wreck has insurance to cover the other car, the police will likely come and check to see if both drivers involved have insurance.
What is the Law?
The type of insurance that drivers are required by law to carry varies from state to state but some basics stay the same. Almost every state requires the person that is at fault in a wreck to be able to pay for damage to the other driver’s car. This type of insurance is called liability insurance. Liability insurance can also include insurance in case any bodily harm is caused to the other driver in addition to vehicle damage repair.

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Collision insurance covers damage to your car no matter what the circumstances may be.

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