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Travis Scot Reacts To The Rumour Of Kylie Body Guard Been Stormi’s Dad

Travis Scott now wants her to get rid of him! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

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Travis scot has finally reacted to the rumour of kyle body guard been her baby’s father

An insider leaks the news to holloywoodlife.com that when Travis and kylie first heard the rumour they both laughed it off  but now Travis is kind of pissed off after hearing some suggestion from different people ,it can be concluded that Travis is now pissed of with the rumour and his read to let go of Tim before it get more complicated

“Travis is becoming uncomfortable with Kylie‘s good-looking bodyguard and he is finally telling her it’s time for him to go,” an insider tells
HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

The insider added that the rapper has even threatened to end the relationship over it! “Travis has gone from laughing about it, to getting furious,” they said. “Travis knows that Kanye had similar issues with Kim’s security team so he sought his advice before giving Kylie the ultimatum, the bodyguard has to go or I will. Travis feels that while Kylie may feel comfortable with Tim and may have some loyalty to him, Travis‘ feelings should come first since he is family now. He has told her to get a new bodyguard that is not a model and that does not look like little Stormi.”

Although Tim has not reacted to the rumour for now but he uploaded a picture sometimes ago with the caption chill ,could this be related to to the rumour?

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