The business world has slowly evolved with the advent of the internet. Business is literally carried out in the comfort of our homes on our smartphones or laptops.
No physical store or a huge chunk of capital needed, with little or close to nothing you can launch your own online business today.
But wait a minute……
You’ve probably heard a lot of tales about failed online business
Not to worry, I will be showing you Not one but Nine of the most profitable online business to venture into.
Let’s get started.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business to venture into especially if the idea of passive income interest you. One major advantage of escaping the 9 -5 Rat race is that you get to Leverage on your time by working less and earning more.
With Affiliate marketing, you need no physical Store or product.
You simply get to promote other people’s product online and earn a commission on every purchase made through your Affiliate Link.
There are a host of Affiliate programs to join: Amazon, AliExpress, and Google
All you need to kick-start your Affiliate marketing career are
Website or Blog
Internet supply
Signing up for most of this program is free and you earn even while you’re asleep


You can dive into the Business of Article writing without owning a dime. With your phone connected to a constant internet supplier, you’re good to go
But wait a minute.
You may want to ask.
Who will I be writing for?
Good Question…….
There are a host of websites that pay Article writers handsomely. IF you’re Lucky you can stumble on a client on social media platforms like Facebook
Freelancing sites like work and Fiverr are the number one place to land high paying clients.
You just have to open a Fiverr account and create your gig then you’re ready for your first order
Fiverr clients pay beginners $5 for an article in the range of 500 words. The only downside to this is that it takes time to land your first client on Fiverr because of the number of Sellers on that platform.


If you have a quick eye for spotting Grammatical Blunders and Spelling Errors, then you should consider giving proofreading a try.
Most people find it hard spotting mistakes on their write up and so requires the help of a proofreader to get their documents in order. On Fiverr, you can earn $5 for proofreading documents of 1000 words. The faster you complete task the more you’re earning and rating increases


Have you heard of Khan Academy, Coursera, Crash Course and Udemy?
These are educational sites that provide an online tutorial to students for a specified fee. Even though Khan Academy is free the others charge their students monthly to gain access to their teaching classes. These sites have over a hundred students Registered on their platform.
You too can create one like and start earning from your expertise


Depending on your area of expertise you can write an eBook about your business experience, cooking skills or strategies you employed to overcome a business
E-books are selling like Bottle water on Amazon. The good part is that you earn passive income from publishing and your earning can sometimes extend to years


Half the total population of the world is on the internet every minute scampering for information. The present century is seen as the information age and there is no better way to satisfy the world’s curiosity than using a blog
The blog provides tons of information in a simplified manner that everyone can read and understand
It’s hard to imagine not earning through a blog part from providing the information you can also do the following on a blog
Sell products
Carryout Sponsored Ads
Affiliate marketing


This is the most sought-after skill in the digital world, many companies are on the lookout for top web developers as well as graphic designers to give their site a colorful look
Web design is a strenuous task most people don’t want to involve themselves in and are more than willing to pay those who can do so handsomely.

YouTube has literally changed the fate of vloggers you can earn money by uploading a video of what you’re good at whether cooking dancing singing or comedy
Creating a channel is as easy as ABC and you’re earning increases as the number of viewers and subscribers on your site increase

Social Media are the best way to increase conversion rate and drive sales lead to your site. Fortunately pulling those strings requires a bit of hard work in the form of Ads
Big E-commerce sites are constantly searching for experts to run effective ads for their site this business model is highly profitable and can fetch you as high as $500 for completing a single task.
With all been said there is a lot of cash swimming around you just have to throw your net and fetch some
The ball is in your court you may either choose play spectator or Get up brush the dust and set out to make some money

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