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Top 20 Best Christmas Message For Your Love Ones

  1. No need to pull my pointy ears. I’ll be your Christmas elf this year.
  2. How many Christmases until we start looking like each other?(Christmas Message)
  3. Come down the chimney! I have a special Christmas present for you.
  4. If you were turned into a snowman by an evil witch, I’d definitely us my magical kiss to turn you back into the man you are. Then I’d make you snuggle with me to warm me up.
  5. Just seeing you brightens my Christmas.
  6. I’ve enjoyed making great Christmas memories with you, and I look forward to more to come.
  7. If I could package my heart and send it to you for Christmas, I would. Since I can’t, this card will have to do.(Christmas Message)
  8. You make me feel like a child waiting to open Christmas presents, even when it isn’t Christmas time. Of course, when it is Christmas time, I feel that way even more. I just like hanging out with you a lot.
  9. All I want for Christmas this year is your presence. I don’t need any presents from you.
  10. Christmas is a great time to spend time with family. Even though you are not technically family, I feel like you are. Merry Christmas!
  11. It’s not just the Christmas lights; it’s also your smile. My heart feels so much warmth, when you make my Christmas bright.(Christmas Message)
  12. Knowing that you and I both have Jesus living in our hearts makes the distance between us a little more bearable. That’s the true meaning of Christmas for me this year.
  13. I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend Christmas with than you. I feel blessed as if I have been given a great present.
  14. Christmas time is a great time to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. I get spoiled by you a lot anyway, let alone at Christmas time.
  15. Having you lets me be sure that I won’t be lonely or unloved this Christmas, just like having Jesus lets me be sure that I’ll never be lonely or unloved any time of year.
  16. My feet may get cold, but my heart will always be warm with love for you.
  17. Good thing I have you as my own personal heater.
  18. Even though you drive me crazy sometimes, you can still drive me wild too.(Christmas Message)
  19. You are my true love and I am blessed that I won your heart Merry Christmas
  20. This Christmas is Special for me, I am having a special person to think about Merry Christmas my love

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