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The lady who paid for R. Kelly’s bail got a bomb threat

The lady who paid for R. Kelly’s safeguard got a bomb threat at a business she apparently claims … which just so happens to be a childcare.

Numerous individuals brought in a bomb risk Saturday at a neighborhood childcare focus … as indicated by WBBM columnist Brad Edwards, who initially revealed the story. Valencia P. Love has direct connections to the business, and a few reports state she’s the proprietor.

Edwards proceeds to report that Chicago PD doesn’t have anybody in guardianship and that the nearby bomb and illegal conflagration squads cleared the scene. Cops are presently examining the bomb danger.

Love is apparently still recorded as an “enlisted operator” of the childcare focus – however as indicated by nearby outlets, the childcare itself and the Dept. of Children and Family Services says Love never again works there.

You’ll review … Love posted the $100k bond R. Kelly expected to get out prison in Chicago a week ago. She additionally posted a long explanation a short time later, saying R. Kelly wasn’t a beast … what’s more, that she was slanted to trust he’s honest of the charges he’s confronting.

The bomb danger would seem to have been made by somebody pissed at Love for supporting Kelly.

In any case, it’s reminiscent of the shooting danger that was brought in only a couple of months back amid the NYC screening of “Enduring R. Kelly.” Law authorization sources told TMZ … the NYPD was investigating somebody with a Chicago zone code as an individual of premium.

R. Kelly’s ex, Andrea Kelly, revealed to Variety that she trusted R. Kelly was associated with that risk.