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Ten Hilarious Compliment That Are Actually Insult

This your weavon is very nice but it won’t last is just synthetic u should have bought the original hair… Only girls can understand this😂

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 Girl: how did u know it was me
Boy: as i see the clothe from afar, i know say na u.. U know say this ur clothe b like uniform na 😂

As I just see that shoe for outside, I just know say na u..
how far now????

This your shirt fine oh, but the original one fit reach 5k..

Your mama Sabi cook oh, she fit use 1k cook 2 soups, and he still they sweet..

Anytime I they find things when I lost, if I come check your house I must see ham..

Are you people still Leaving in this house? Wow u people are really trying ooo

Whao! This your shirt looks nice but the original go cost o

This your shirt fine o…Tekno wear the original come show last week.😂

When you gave birth to a baby and your village aunty says ‘Hmmm I never knew this baby would be this cute’

U look gud on makeup

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