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Sudanese Model Queen Of Dark Poses In New Beautiful Photos

Sudanese model Nyakim who is popularly referred to as the queen of the dark because of her really dark skin just shared some really amazing photos on her Instagram page with a very inspirational message as the caption.

in the coming years let’s make sure we teach our young ones to know their worth to know their potential in life to know that they loved no matter what, that beauty isn’t everything that being dark dark skin is beautiful let’s continue breaking down those barriers together let’s our melanin keep popping. Being dark skin is not only popping for now it’s not trend is not for season or a year is for life❤️
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See photos:

She also posted a picture writing this:

Many people think that my job is the easiest thing in the world and that what is should be. The reality though, is that the modeling industry struggles when it come to equally representing everyone. There are millions and millions of girls that are my skin tone and they don’t get to see themselves on mainstream media and it’s not fair because our skin complexion is just as beautiful as anyone else’s. Many in this world have tried to convincing me otherwise and for a short second I believed them, then I realized that I wasn’t being honest with myself. Modeling is all about confidence and that has to come from within. Being okay with every little thing that make you, you. My hope for everyone who sees my image is to recognize that YES I love myself as I am and YES I have not always been as confident and proud of my skin tone as it may appear. Loving yourself takes time and it’s absolutely worth it. #motivationmonday💪 📸 @iamtberry 👗 @dashikipride 💄 @sumaya_keynan
Model: @queenkim_nyakim
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