Story; Bukky Alakara Episode 4

If you miss chapter 3 click hereCHAPTER FOURThere was light off. Bukky and her aunt sat outside the housewith some of their neighbours. Many complaine

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If you miss chapter 3 click here

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There was light off. Bukky and her aunt sat outside the house
with some of their neighbours. Many complained about the
incessant shortage of power supply, the terrible heat, and the
nation’s economy as a whole. A few people spread their mats
and lay under the moon, cooled by the night breeze. She
wished she could join them. She was already feeling sleepy,
but, dreaded sleeping in the hot baked room. She heard
someone whistle. She turned her head and sighted Gbemiga
standing by the entrance of the bungalow. He was looking
straight at her. He retreated and stepped back in. Her dark
anxious eyes darted left and right. She mumbled into her
aunt’s ear that she was going in. The woman nodded and
continued talking to the house wife seated beside her. She
got up slowly and went in. She saw Gbemiga walking towards
the back of the house. She hurried after him.
He halted behind the large kitchen shared by everyone living
in the house and turned around. He smiled broadly when he
saw Bukky walking towards him. It was dark, but the full
moon illuminated their surroundings. She stood in front of
him and folded her arms across her chest. She felt a tinge of
happiness at the thought that she was finally alone with him.
She saw him briefly that morning when she left for the
market to hustle for her daily bread, and when she returned,
she ran errands for her aunt until it grew dark. The lack of
electrical supply also made movement a bit restricted.
“How are you doing?” he grinned at her. He had been longing
to speak with her all day.
“I am okay,” she stared right back at him.
“I will be leaving for school tomorrow morning.”
She paled. She had tried not to think of the day he would
resume school. They just started dating. Would the time
apart make their bond closer and stronger or fragile?
“I will be home for the Christmas holiday,” he tried to cheer
her up. The sad glint in her dark eyes mirrored is own state
of mind.
“That is almost four months away,” she complained and
frowned. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start a relationship
with him. Maybe they should have waited.
He reached out for her hands and held it in is warm ones, “I
am going to miss you too. You can always visit.”
“I don’t know my way to your school,” she began to shake
her head.
“My school is a popular place, you will not get missing,” he
tried to convince her.
She raised an eyebrow and stared back at him. She doubted
if she would be able to visit him in school. The transportation
fare would surely be cut-throat.
“The café guy I introduced you to will help you check your
mails and send replies.”
She dropped her gaze. She wasn’t comfortable with the
arrangement. She couldn’t read or write. What choice do
they have? She swore to herself. She would get educated one
way or another.
“I am going to miss you greatly,” he drew her close and
wrapped his arms around her.
She swallowed hard and looked up at him. Her skin became
tensed due to his nearness. Her heart missed a beat. What if
someone caught them? She pushed the thought and tried to
relax. She wouldn’t be seeing him again for a very long time.
“I am going to miss you too.”
He dropped his head and claimed her lips. She froze. Should
she push him away? Should she bask in the euphoric
sensations that coursed through her nerve cells for a while
then stop him? Indecision numbed her for a moment. She
parted her lips and leaned into him. She heard him groan.
She kissed him back; like a good student, she copied the way
he maneuvered his lips and tongue. She felt his hands
cradling her hips, and then settled on her soft, firm backside.
He guided her towards the concrete wall. She rested against
the rough wall, hands wrapped around his neck. She felt the
pressure of the bulge between his thighs. The way he rubbed
against her turned her on and to her surprise, the desire to
be united with him clouded her mind.
She jerked backwards the instance she felt his hand on her
b—m. She adjusted her blouse and lifted her shocked gaze
to meet his intense ones. Why did he touch her like that? The
fact that she allowed him to kiss her didn’t give him the right
to fondle her.
“I am sorry.”
He didn’t look apologetic. She eyed him.
“I got carried away.”
“Don’t do that again,” her warning eyes remained on his face.
He smiled, “Okay. Whenever you are ready.”
“Ready for what?” her eyes widened.
He chuckled, “It is normal for two people who really like each
other to express their feelings physically.”
She began to shake her head in disagreement.
“Come on. This is part of every relationship.”
“Not this one,” her eyes hardened with seriousness.
He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it.
“I promised God that I will keep myself until my wedding
He scratched his head. Every single girl he dated in the past
allowed him to touch them. Although as a Christian, he
wasn’t supposed to indulge in s-x before marriage, but, at
times, things got out of hand.
“If this relationship is going to progress, we can’t sleep with
each other,” she folded her arms against her chest.
He stared back at her, “But, we can still kiss and…”
“Maybe once in a while. But, you can’t touch me… you can’t
just grab me and start touching me anyhow,” her face
wrinkled in a frown.
He sighed, “I get your point, it’s fine by me,” he hoped to be
able to dissuade her from her almighty rules sooner than
She sighed with relief. She would have called the whole thing
off if he had insisted on compulsory physical intimacy in
their relationship.
“Will you be able to see me off tomorrow morning?”
She nodded quickly, “Yes.”
Her eyes darted about the moment she heard voices afar off,
“I have to go. My aunt might be looking for me.”
“Okay. See you in the morning.”
She smiled at him.
“Can I get a goodnight hug?”
The smile faded, “Don’t be an Oliver Twist,” she backed away,
turned around and sauntered off.
He started to laugh, leaned against the wall and sighed
heavily. Thoughts of his girlfriend flooded his mind. It was a
good thing that he would be resuming school the next day.
The distance would help to cage his amorous feelings
towards her. He placed both hands on his head. He
reminisced on the taste of her lips, the smoothness of her
skin and the way his body responded to her proximity. He
wished he could stay in her arms forever.

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