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Story; Bukky Alakara Chapter 8

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On Christmas day, the Phillips organized a get-together in
front of the house. None of their neighbours were invited.
The family started to look down on everyone living in the
compound when their first son gained admission into the
university. They believed that no one was in their level,
except a few educated families in the neighbourhood. The
landlady gave them till midnight to celebrate. The Philips’
guests comprised of their relatives, close friends, colleagues
at work and a few from the church they attended. Gbemiga
invited some of his course mates for the party. They ate,
drank and danced.
Kike and her niece stood at the entrance of the building with
a few other people living in the compound. They gossiped
about the Phillips made offensive comments about the
family. At about past nine, Bukky slipped away and went to
the back of the house. She waited at the back of the kitchen,
a package in her hand. She saw her boyfriend that morning
and told him that she had a gift for him. They both planned
to meet before she turned in for the night. He gave her a
signal a few minutes ago while he danced with his course
mates. She hoped he would show up soon before her aunt
start to look for her.
She sighted a tall dark figure heading her way. She sighed
with relief and smiled.
“Merry Christmas love,” he reached out for her and crushed
her in a warm embrace.
“Merry Christmas,” she leaned into him. It felt good been in
his arms.
He released her and gave her a card and a plastic flower,
“This is for you.”
She blushed and collected it, “Thank you,” she passed the
package to him.
He opened the brown envelop and brought out a small
square box. His eyes widened in surprise. He looked at her
and back at the box.
“Merry Christmas,” she grinned from ear to ear.
He tore the box open and brought out a black and white
Nokia 3310 phone. He could hardly believe his eyes. He had
tried to save money several times to get a phone, but he kept
on using the savings to sort out one need or the other.
“Now, we will be able to communicate effectively.”
“You got one for yourself,” his dark face brightened.
“Yes. No more emails.”
He started to laugh, “You have surprised me.”
“I am glad.”
Before she could stop him, he drew her close and planted a
kiss on her lips. She didn’t kiss him back, she placed her
hands on his chest and pushed.
“Now, about that…” she stepped away from him, “Don’t you
think we are playing with fire?”
He laughed, “Come on darling. I told you I will be careful I
know my bounds.”
She wasn’t convinced, she folded her arms, “Well, I think we
should try and limit our physical closeness.”
He observed her. He sensed her seriousness.
“I don’t want to get pregnant.”
“You won’t. I promise you.”
She looked him up and down, “But, still… I don’t want us to
go beyond hugs and kisses.”
He scratched a spot on his head. He wasn’t sure how possible
that would be. He loved her and yearned for her touch each
time he was around her. She was asking for the impossible.
“Please…” her pleading dark eyes held his unsure ones.
“Fine. We will try. Okay? Just, let things flow naturally.”
She sighed heavily, not sure if she got through to him.
“I will be returning to school in less than three weeks. I want
to enjoy every moment and opportunity I have to spend
time with you,” he drew her closer, “Thanks for the phone;
we will be able to talk any day, any time.”
“That’s my girl,” he dropped the box and slipped the phone
into his jeans pocket.
“Goodnight…” she looked into his eyes.
“You and sleep.”
She chuckled, “I need to rest. I will be resuming my bean
cake business after Boxing Day.”
“Business woman.”
She laughed lightly, “I might be able to give you a little
something when you are leaving for school.”
“That will be great! I am dating a cash madam.”
“Stop jor.”
He dropped his head and claimed her lips. She struggled,
then relaxed. He pushed her against the wall and ran his
hands over every inch of her. She trembled slightly,
consumed by the sensations his touch created. His lips slid
down her neckline, he slipped his hands under her blouse
and squeezed her b—m.
“Waaait… don’t…” she tried to stop him, but, her hands felt
like a dead weight.
He lifted the blouse, swallowed one of her b—m and
fondled the other.
“Gbemi…” she gasped.
He kissed her again, held her b—m and slipped the other
hand down into her toe length skirt. She jerked the moment
she felt his fingers inside her.
“Noooo… please… don’t…”
“Ssssh… you will enjoy it.”
“No… stop,” she felt turned on. She didn’t want to feel that
way. She wasn’t ready for the desires that flooded her mind.
He didn’t listen to her. He raised the skirt, and kicked her legs
apart. He pushed down his jeans and positioned himself.
Fear gripped her when she felt his hardness rubbing against
her g—n. What was he doing?
“I won’t go inside. I just want to feel you.”
Despite the cool breeze, she began to sweat. How was she
going to fight him off? He was physically stronger. If she
raised an alarm, both of them would get into trouble. What
had she gotten herself into?
“Gbemi… please, let me go.”
Her pleas fell on his deaf ears, controlled by the desires that
pumped through his bloodline, he drove into her. A stinging
sharp pain shot through her. She buried her face in his chest
and tried not to scream. Her fingers gnawed into his
shoulders till he began to bleed. Tears slid down her dark
oval face. He had just broken his promise to her. He had just
taken what she wasn’t ready to give. Her heart ached at the
fact that her innocence was gone.
Gbemiga rode her in frenzy, lost in sizzling pleasure. It had
been a very long time since he had s-x with a girl. When he
got born again, he promised God that, that part of his life
would be kept under wraps until he tied the knot. Dating
Bukky, it was hard to keep that promise. He loved her and
the physical attraction between them was explosive. He
pulled away quickly and released on the wall.
Bukky staggered away from him and noticed the blood stains
around her thighs. She adjusted her skirt and glared at him.
“You are so sweet,” he breathed out and winked at her.
She eyed him and started to walk away.
“Bukky, wait! We need to go to the chemist.”
She halted.
“Neither of us was protected.”
She turned around and stared at him angrily.
“I know what to buy. It’s a pill. It will stop anything from
A tear dropped. What sort of trouble had he gotten them
“Wait for me outside your room, I will go and buy it. I will be
back,” he zipped his trouser and dashed off.
She hissed and began to weep quietly. She shouldn’t have
trusted him. What if the pill didn’t work? What if she got
pregnant? Her parents would be disappointed. Her aunt
would freak out? Did she make a mistake when she said yes
to Gbemiga? She usually saw her period at the beginning of
every month. She hoped and prayed that nothing crazy
would happen. She was just sixteen. He was just twenty.
What would people say? She wiped her tears with the back of
her hands and hurried back into the building.

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