Story; Bukky Alakara Chapter 7

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Gbemiga walked towards the backyard. There was light off
and the compound was dark. Candle lights and rechargeable
lamps illuminated some of the rooms in the house. A few
privileged ones powered their rooms with electrical
generating sets. When he returned home from school for the
Christmas holiday, he was surprised to meet his girlfriend
running her own business. When he got her mail several
weeks back, he thought it was a small scale trade. As early as
seven in the morning, people queued in front of the hot fry
pan. He recognized most of them. Several of them lived on
the street, and others came as far as three, four streets away.
Bukky’s bean cake was tasty and had a nice aroma. It was
also a little bit bigger in size than what was sold in other
places. He was proud of her. One of their neighbour’s
daughters assisted her with scooping the blended beans into
the fry pan and at times, she sold the bean cake to the
customers. Since he got back, they had not really been able
to spend time with each other. She was busy during the day
and at night; she turned in early due to tiredness.
He walked straight to the back of the large kitchen shared by
all the tenants. He noticed an average height figure standing
at a corner. The bright moon light illuminated the
surrounding. The moment he saw her face, he broke into a
smile. He was glad she came. He had been able to pass a
message to her that evening before she turned in for the
“My darling…” he stood in front of her and scooped her in his
Her heart beat hammered against her chest. It felt good,
close to him, in his arms. Seeing him home again, her joy
had known no bounds. Although he looked a bit slimmer, he
was still the same. She didn’t know how much she missed
him until she saw him a week ago with his luggages. She
almost ran into his arms, but, restrained herself. She had
been longing to speak with him since he got back, but the
opportunity had not presented itself.
“I missed you…” she whispered.
“I miss you more…”
He released her from his embrace and looked deep into her
eyes, “So many nights I yearn to see you. I almost came
home one day.”
She smiled and looked up at him. She had almost gotten on a
bus, bent on locating him at school, but decided against it.
“I hope to spend lots of time with you before I return to
“Me too.”
He dropped his head and claimed her lips. She froze, then
relaxed. She allowed him to pull her into his warm embrace.
The kiss intensified. She heard him groan loudly. Back against
the wall, she knotted her arms around his neck. She jerked a
bit when she felt one of his hands slipping into her blouse.
Panic coursed through her. She wasn’t putting on a bra. She
was naked underneath. She felt both hands fondling her
b—m, exciting sensations swept through her nerves. She
tried to pull away, but he claimed her lips again, distracting
her with sweet kisses.
Gbemiga pulled down his boxers with one hand and
loosened her wrapper with the other. She pressed her hands
against his chest. Her resistance didn’t dissuade him. He
pressed into her, his g—n rubbed against her trembling
“Gbemi… Gbemi…Please… don’t…” her heart hammered
against her chest. She enjoyed his kisses but, she wasn’t
ready to sleep with him. The pressure of his g—n against her
brought her pleasure and made her wet. She had never
experienced such feelings before. She wanted him to stop,
but, she felt pinned to the wall. There was no escape route
for her except she screamed. That wasn’t an option. Her aunt
would skin her alive if she was caught in such compromising
“Don’t be afraid…” his voice was hoarse, “I won’t go far… I
just want to feel you…”
Sweat broke out all over her, “No! Please stop,” she pushed
against his chest, but, he wouldn’t bulge.
He kissed her again and slipped a finger into her. She jerked,
then start to moan. He removed the finger and guided
himself into her. The pleasure that flooded him clouded his
mind. He was tempted to go deeper, but, he didn’t want to
break her hymen.
A tear drop slipped down her face. She prayed that she
wouldn’t get disvirgined that night. It was high time they
drew a line in their relationship.
He slipped out of her and rubbed his g—n in between her
thighs. He jerked and worked himself up until he pulled away
and released against the wall.
She pulled down her blouse and re-tied her wrapper around
her waist. She couldn’t look at him. she wanted to return to
her aunt’s room.
He adjusted his boxers and grinned at her, “I love you.”
She folded her arms against her chest, “Goodnight,” she
started to walk away.
He reached out for her elbow and drew her back, “Hey…”
“Let go!”
He sensed her anger, “Baby,” he drew her close, toe to toe, he
looked into her eyes, “I love you. It’s hard to keep my hands
off you.”
She eyed him and hissed.
“I promise you, I will never ever go deeper than… I just
wanted to feel you.”
“We don’t need all that. I don’t want to get pregnant.”
He started to laugh, “I promise you, it won’t come to that.”
“Goodnight,” she hurried away.
“Bukky!” he dashed after her and bumped into his mother.
Remilekun eyed her son, “Where are you coming from?”
He scratched a spot on his scalp and looked behind her
shoulders. He saw Bukky getting into her aunt’s room. He
would speak to her the next day. The way her softness
melted into him made him smile. It was going to be very
hard to keep the promise he made to her. Most times, all he
wanted to do was kiss her, but, once he got started, his
emotions too over.
“Why were you calling that girl’s name?”
He directed his gaze at his mother, “Who?”
“Bukky, the akara seller.”
“Oh…em… we were just talking.”
She hissed, “You shouldn’t be talking to the likes of her. You
are now in the university. Your level has changed.”
Her words shocked him, “Mum, Bukky is a nice girl. She is
Remilekun hissed again, “Please, concentrate on your studies.
If you want to have friends, at least choose from the people
in your school or from those in your level. Bukky alakara is
not in your category.”
“Mum, that’s absord.”
“Your father will hear,” she turned around and headed to
their room.
She didn’t respond. He watched her go into their room. He
followed in slow steps. His father attacked him the moment
he stepped into the room. His sisters were in support of his
argument. They all felt he shouldn’t be socializing with the
people living in the area because most of them were
illiterate. He was supposed to be making friends with the
educated ones, especially those living in high brow areas.
Gbemiga became troubled. He really liked Bukky. It hurt that
his family didn’t approve of her as a friend. What would they
say or do when he finally introduced her to them as his lover
or the woman he would like to spend the rest of his life with?
He decided to keep his relationship with her a secret. When
the time was right, he would open up to his family, by then,
he hoped that their perception would have changed.
Bukky lay on the almost flat bed. She couldn’t sleep.
Thoughts of what transpired between her and her boyfriend
remained like a rock on her mind. She shouldn’t have
allowed him to go that far. What if he had lost control of his
emotions and penetrated? What if she had been deflowered
that night? Her dream of getting married as a virgin would
have been thwarted. Was it possible to date someone
without getting physically intimate with them? God made the
rule that singles shouldn’t indulge in sexual acts before
marriage. That alone was an inclination that it was possible.
She needed to speak to her boyfriend about it. They should
do without all the fondling. It would only stir them up and
fuel the desire to consummate. At least, kissing was a bit
appropriate. They could do that once in a while, not all the
time. She didn’t know how he was going to take her
suggestions. She believed that it was the best thing for them.
She turned on her side and stared at the wall. The room was
dark. There was no electricity. The curtains were drawn and
the only window in the room was opened, but, it seemed like
air was trapped outside the room. Beads of sweat gathered
on her forehead, around her neck, arms and chest. She
scratched an itchy spot close to her spine. The area began to
sting. She groaned. She must have cut herself. First thing the
next morning, she would cut her finger nails.
Thoughts of how he kissed and touched her flooded her
mind. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply. It was a good
thing that he would be returning to school soon. The
distance was very good for them. The farther he was, the less
likely it would be for her to loss her virginity. She hoped they
would come to some sort of agreement. Fighting him off
everything he touched her wasn’t an option. She doubted if
she would be able to stop him the next he came close to her.
She needed help. They needed to re-prioritize their
She planned to tell him about the Adult education centre
Chike too her to. She would be starting lectures immediately
after the holidays. The head of the centre told her that if she
excelled, she would be able to take the Common Entrance
Examination by the end of the New Year. Once she passed,
she would take more lectures and prepare for the G.C.E
examinations. In less than three years, she would be ready to
take the JAMB examination and successfully gain admission
into the university. She beamed with joy. She was going to
get educated. Her parents and siblings were going to be
proud of her.
Her train of thoughts returned to Gbemiga. By the time he
graduated, she would be in her first or second year in the
university, be it as a full time or part time student. His family
patronized her almost on a daily basis. She wondered if they
would support their relationship. His sisters seemed a bit
friendly, but his parents acted as if they were not in the same
category with anyone living in their compound. She sighed
heavily and cleared her thoughts. When the time was right,
Gbemiga would introduce her to them as his girlfriend.

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