Short Story – Every details count(clips from an everyday African home)

EVERY DETAILS COUNTS (clips from an everyday African home)(Mother and eldest daughter are discussing in mother’s room and youngest daughter walks in)Y

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EVERY DETAILS COUNTS (clips from an everyday African home)
(Mother and eldest daughter are discussing in mother’s room and youngest daughter walks in)
Youngest daughter: mum, I need money for sanitary pad.
Mother: Ok, but I told you to speak to your father, go and ask him for money
Youngest daugher: mum, am not going ooo, how do you excpect me to tell father about my monthly flow (iyamaa), I can’t ooo
Mother: what do you want now, the money with me has been budgeted already and I can’t remove a penny from it.
(Eldest daughter rolls her eyes (to herself)… mum and her never ending budget….
Eldest daughter: (Talking to her Lil Sis) go to my room, check for my purse, take the money you need and buy a sanitary pad.
Younger daughter: thanks jare, that’s why I like you!
Eldest daughter: eheennn, Lil Sis come here, I remember we had our monthly flow at about the same time, how come you having another one so soon?
Mother: haa, why such a question?
Eldest daughter: yes oo, pull down your underwear and show it to me, I want to be certain you are saying the truth!
Youngst daughter: haaa, big Sis, don’t you trust me? (Pulls down her underwear and shows it to her sister)
Eldest daughter: (faces Lil Sis) ok, that’s good, you can go.
Mother: (talking to her eldest daughter) you havent changed you this girl, you want to know everything!
Eldest daughter: yes oo, I am still the same me!!! (talks to herself… hmm, mother hasn’t changed at all, she doesn’t pay attention to important things, that was how I was almost raped when I was 13 years old, just trying to collect bottles of drinks from her male customers, thank God that aunty that stays beside mums shop rescued me, only god knows what could have happened that day….. I must pay attention to my sister, before some useless guy will start playing illicit games with my precious sister!
(Eldest daughter leaves her mother’s room)

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