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Seven Steps To Steal And Safe Your Friend’s WhatsApp Video Or Picture Status (Photos)

Few months ago what’s app was upgraded and it introduced a new method of uploading whatsapp statuses which can either be videos or picture but sadly, the status can’t be saved.

Fortunately, we have finally found solutions to this problem. Here are the best ways you can safe those statuses to directly to your phone without having to download them:

Step 1

Start your what’s app application: This do not really need much explanation because I believe we all know how to start the app and if you don’t have the whatsapp app on your phone, you can download it from your phone’s Google play store or you can also get it from your friends through the use of xender or flashare

Step 2

Click on the status you want to save and watch it: This is also understandable enough. After starting your whatsapp, you then click on the middle icon that has the word “status” on it

Step 3

Open your file manager or explorer: The file manager consists of all applications installed on your phone internally nd externally. You will find the file manager on your menu list.

Step 4

Search for your whatsapp file and then click on it:

Once you open your file manager, keep scrolling until you find the what’s app file and click on it to open the contents

Step 5

Click on the Icon at the top by the right hand side and click on “Open or show hidden files”

Step 6

Click on media:

You will find your what’s app media folder in the drop down list after you click on the what’s app file

Step 7

Click on statues

You will only see statues after you show the hidden file on your phone ,after seeing the statues you click on it then you will see all what’s status of the day then you move the the picture or video you want save away from the whatsapp.

Now you have seen the seven simple steps you can steal and safe your Friend’s whatsapp status ,you can also share the video or pictures  like that .NOW it IS YOUR TURN TO SHARE THIS POST

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