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See the List of Top 20 Countries in the World with Highest Birth Rate

Is unlimited population growth related to poverty? This is a question that comes to mind when you look at the global birth rate statistic. We obtained our data from the Central Intelligence Agencies ‘s (CIA) Factbook website. Surprised? The United States spy agency noIs only does its obvious covert work but conducts research and publishes a lot of its findings on its website.

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Its table for the top 20 countries with highest birth rate (which is calculated by comparing the average annual number of births during a year per 1,000 persons in the population at midyear) shows 19 African countries in the list with Afghanistan the only non-African country.
Considering the widespread level of poverty in these country, it is easy to associate high birth rate with high rate of poverty in these countries. Their governments might need to take steps to educate their populations of managing birth of children and increasing their productivity.

You can see Nigeria with a birth rate of 36.90 per 1000. Do you think the Nigerian government and other African governments should focus on trying birth control? Let us know what you think.
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