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Pastor Sold Me To Cartel In Oman For $300,000 – Nigerian Lady

On October 21, the New Telegraph had exclusively reported and exposed new latest tricks and destinations of human traffickers.
The latest trick, which is also the new face of human traffickers is organ harvesting; while their new destinations is now the middle east, especially an Arab country called Oman.
Human traffickers these days lure unsuspecting Nigerians overseas, where they often drugged and their organs harvested. Some victims wake up to discover they had lost an organ, others are not so lucky, they die.
Since that publication, ‘Middle East EVIL: Human traffickers now trick victims, sell their organs ,’ New Telegraph office has not stopped receiving phone calls from people who wanted to know how to reach their beloved ones in Oman.
There are other callers who wanted to share their experiences, so as to alert unsuspecting Nigerians about the horrors in Oman. Most human traffickers’ victims are females.
The newest caller presently is Busayo. She is among 35 ladies that just returned from Oman on Friday; other Nigerian ladies are still out there, looking for ways to leave the nightmares that had become their lives.
According to Busayo, one really needs to be cautious and careful when planning to leave a madam or master, in order to avoid being killed.
She said: “I had to lie to my madam, Sherifat, that my child in Nigeria was sick. I told her that I needed to travel to Nigeria to check my child. Our madams are usually in possession of our visas and passports. If they don’t hand those items to you, you wouldn’t be able to travel. Once you landed in Oman, those items are forcibly collected from you.
“I cried for days to make Sherifat believe my story. I didn’t eat for three days. Normally, if you want to leave, you must not eat or your Oman boss could poison you. A Nigerian lady died on a plane to Nigeria.
When she was leaving, her madam gave her a pizza. She died in the plane before it got to Nigeria. The lives of Nigerians are not worth much to citizens of Oman. Many of our ladies are dying in Oman and many are stark raving mad.”
Another shocking revelation from Busayo is that she was tricked and trafficked by a pastor. She said that in her wildest imagination, she wouldn’t have believed that a man of God could trick and sell her. Men of God are symbols of piety and trust.
Although she doesn’t know the pastor’s full name and the name of his church, she, however, said that she could locate the church at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos State. She also said that the cleric is popularly called ‘Pastor Solomon.’
The Executive Director Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC), Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, a lawyer, who has taken Busayo under her wings and presenting trying to rehabilitate her, vowed to leave no stone unturned in hunting down Pastor Solomon with police, in order to make him pay for his crimes.
Recollecting how she came to meet Pastor Solomon, Busayo, a hairstylist, said that she had been saving for years in order to travel to Dubai.
Her heart latched onto Dubai after a friend, Kehinde, also a stylist, went to work in Dubai for a year.
Kehinde appeared successful after she returned. Busayo believed that she too could do better.
She recounted: “I asked Kehinde how the country was; she said it was a good country. No, I didn’t ask her why she came back.”
Busayo started making plans to travel; it was in that process a friend heard about her plans and linked her to Pastor Solomon.
The friend told her that the pastor was known for preparing travelling documents for people going overseas.
Busayo said: “I told the pastor that I wanted to go to Dubai to work. He asked why Dubai. He said that there were several other countries where I could work and receive a good salary. 
He said he could help me to get Oman Visa. He said I would go there to work as a house help and that the salary was 350, dollars. I felt the salary was fine, so I accepted. He told me that to prepare the documents and get visa, amo

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