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Nigeria Singer; Kiss Daniel Changes His Stage Name

Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel has changed his stage name to Kizz Daniel but he has not made it official so we ain’t sure if he his going to stick by his old name or new one .
The singer is yet to publicly make the announcement known, but he has changed his social media accounts to the new name.
Kizz Daniel got involved in a legal tussle with G-Worldwide who dragged him to court with claims that he failed to abide by the contract he signed with them.
A statement released by G-Worldwide shows that the stage name ”Kiss Daniel” is owned by the record label. This could be part of why the singer decided to change his stage name to Kizz Daniel.
On the singer’s own part, he spoke of how he was being placed on a 30 thousand Naira monthly salary despite releasing several hits on the platform.
Since the tussle with the label, the singer has moved on to float his platform which he calls Fly Boy INC and has already released about 3 songs.
Furthermore, he has been on social media flaunting an expensive chain worth 14 milion Naira and also a duplex in a choice area in Lagos.

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