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Movie Reviews: Kingman 2

I’ll start off by saying that this movie would be more enjoyable if you have seen the first Kingsman movie (as if you didn’t already know that)
This review might be a spoiler for some people. If you’re one of them, I’d suggest you still read on all the same
Kingsman 2: Golden Circle sees a fresh threat from Poppy who stirs global trouble through the distribution of her hard drugs. Eggsy and Merlin head to Kenturkey and surprisingly land on their cousin agency ‘Stateman’ with a cover-up Liquor business.
The joint forces of The Kingsmen and the Statesmen are weighed with the responsibility of having a great part of the world’s population from Poppy’s crazy scheme.
At Statesman, Eggsy and Merlin will stumble upon Harry Hart, who was presumably shot dead in the eye in the initial Kingsman movie.
A double agent from Statesmen will be discovered and served a fair share of fate, same as Angel, Poppy’s wingman.
It will not take the little misunderstanding between Eggsy and Princess Tilde or near death to prevent the lovebirds from tieing the knot.
Ginger will have a well-deserved promotion and Elton John’s eccentricity helps to save the day from crazy Poppy.
The meaning of ‘Golden Circle’ as in the title, is from Poppy’s cult, which she communes with from her safe hideout somewhere in Cambodia.
The Blue Rush is also something to look out for and maybe, Donald Trump’s behaviour was replicated in this movie (but hey, we’re just guessing).
Ultimately, the soundtracks and cinematography for this movie are a perfect 100.
Laugh Factor
A whopping 90 y’all. Most especially that time Eggsy calls his girlfriend Princess Tilde to seek permission to sleep with a suspect for investigation’.  And that time Poppy grinds a betrayer and asks her new recruitee eat his minced flesh in a Hamburger? Disgusting but funny at the same time.
Oh did I mention the President’s reaction to the ‘blue rush’ is totally hilarious yet irresponsible and annoying?
Sob Levels
The sob levels in Kingsman 2 is low. Almost say 30 out of 100. And the most significant sob-scene is that time Merlin takes one of the Statesmen by getting blown up. His amazing voice and instrumental would certainly cause a tear or sob out.
Cinematic reaction from the viewing room
Reactions wove from exciting to mind-blowing twists to laughter slight low moments or sobs and then back into high spirits and more laughter. And of course, the last fight with Whisky, Eggsy, and Harry kept us on the edge of our seats. With the excitement of course.
So general cinematic experience? A perfect 150 percent.
Worth your money and time?
Uhh duh. Of course, it is. And I am not saying this just because. When Kingsman 2 gets to your local cinema please go see it and thank me later.

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