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Man Pushes His Girlfriend Around In Trolley

A 42-year old man has become the talk of the town for always pushing his girlfriend around in shopping trolley wherever they go “She is my queen and it’s my job  to take care of her in any way”,lizo Taliwe this LD daily sun when the people’s paer recently caught up with the two on their way to never never from samora machel “I enjoyed what am doing and I don’t mind the hot weather has long my queen is happy ,I am happy too” The two have been married for 8years .When the sun team asked her if lizo pushed her away because she was lazy  ,he jumps to her defence “I love her and o don’t want her to get tired”. Lizo also told daily sun that for people to find true love they have to stop looking for materialist things because the person you love may not have anything. 

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