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Kylie Jenner buys $18,000 Louis Vuitton purse for her 1-year  baby ( worth 6,480,000 in naira )

America Tv reality star Kylie Jenner just drop a big hit on the net after she joins the rich kids mum to buy an $18k purse for her baby(storm) this purse worthy 6,480,000naira. A whopping sum of the money for a year old baby, who does that?

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They may be young, but it’s no secret that the next generation of Kardashians are seriously stylish. And how could they not be when their parents are dressing them in designer duds? But it’s safe to say that North West, 5, and Penelope Disick, 6, aren’t the only Kardashian kids with brand-name bags on their arms — at least not for long! Kylie Jenner, 21, just gave her YouTube followers an inside look at her purse closet and pointed out a couple she will pass down to her six-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster. “My mom gave these to me and Kendall when we were super babies, so I’m definitely going to give this to Stormi,” she said, holding up a teeny tiny Louis Vuitton purse. Aw!
And while that one has serious sentimental value, the other purse she’s holding onto for Stormi has even more retail value. It’s a pink baby Birkin bag that costs a whopping $18,000. Do hand-me-downs get any better than that? “This one’s probably going to give Stormi when she says, ‘Mommy, I want to carry a purse,” Kylie said. But it wasn’t a purse she picked out special herself — it was a Christmas gift from Kourtney Kardashian, 39! “I feel like Kourtney never really cares about Christmas gifts, so when she gave me this last year, it was really special.” Wow! As if Stormi’s Gucci carrier and Fendi stroller weren’t fab enough, she is going to be the most stylish kid in Hollywood with these bags!
We can’t help but think she’ll want to borrow more from her mom’s closet than just two petitie purses. Kylie does have an entire room to hold her collection, after all! “I made a little room for them in my house and I did this all custom so they all could have a little home and be lit up really pretty,” she said in the video.

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