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Kelly’s commitment is $ 1 million in sexual abuse charges

A $ 1 million bond was issued Saturday to a Chicago court for sexually assaulting four women, including three teenage girls.

The R & B star, a Grammy Award-winning 52-year-old, whose real name is Robert Kelly, returned to police on Friday night after being charged with ten counts. His lawyer, Steve Greenberg, said Kelly was “an innocent man,” adding, “I think all women lie.”

Kelly is accused of sexually abusing four women, three of whom were 13 to 17 years old at the time. Prosecutors say the allegations allegedly occurred until 1998. In court, a judge appeared Saturday. charges against the singer “disturbing”.

Kelly entered the courtroom dressed in a black hoodie and dark pants and remained standing throughout the procedure with her hands behind her back. He showed no emotion when a prosecutor read the charges against him, sometimes by looking at them or on the floor.

Kelly was ordered to avoid contacting victims or witnesses or anyone 18 years of age or younger and returning to his passport without possessing a firearm. His $ 1 million bonus includes $ 250,000 for alleged victims. Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

If Kelly sends a guarantee of $ 100,000, or 10% of his relationship, he can be released before his trial.

His lawyer told reporters that Kelly had always resided in Chicago, had his residence in a Trump tower, which he had lived here all his life and that he had a singer’s passport, added: “Mr. Kelly, unlike to his song, how to fly. “He repeated that his client is innocent.

“He’s a star starter, there should not be any unconscious sex,” Greenberg said. “We will examine the evidence and see where it will lead us.”

The next audience of the artist will take place Monday.


The indictment comes almost two months after the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series, in which many women accuse the singer of sexual abuse. It is not known if any of them are included in the indictment.

Chicago Police Department
In 2008, Kelly was tried and released on charges of child pornography. He has repeatedly denied allegations of sexual misconduct.