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Glamorama Cosmetic And Beauty Store

Glamorama beauty and cosmetic store!

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Welcome to Glamorama beauty and cosmetic store!

What Glamorama beauty and cosmetic store is all about?

Glamorama store is a fast-growing and most reliable beauty and cosmetic store in Nigeria. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best product and service.

Glamorama store was set up mainly for the ladies, we deal in any type of cosmetic product. Kindly note we don’t deal in ladies wears and shoes. Glamorama agent will receive her client orders and our agent will deliver the orders within 24 hours you place the order.

Going into the market and searching all stores just to buy a product or to get service can be stressful, you might be really busy to the extent that you don’t have spare time to go into the market. There can be a lot of reasons why you can’t just into the market to get the product or service you want. Glamorama beauty and the cosmetic store has been designed and set up to come to your aid when you need to get any product or service in the market, all you need to do is to order for our service or product by giving us the full details about the product or service you need and we’ll deliver the product or service to your doorstep within 24 hours.

What we deal in?

Glamorama can be divided into two segments, product orders and service orders.

What is product orders?

Product orders are the orders we get from our customers reading to product or goods, for example, when Chi Chi order for an idol soap from our store, This is what meant by product orders.

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What is service orders?

Service orders are the orders we get from our customers to render a home service to them. For example, Chi Chi orders Glamorama hairdresser to her home. This is what we meant service orders.

Why you should order from us

Fast delivery

Cheap Price

We deliver to your doorstep

Payment on delivery

You can order for any product you feel you can get within your neighborhood or in Nigeria (Note shipping of goods might take a longer time)

24/7 customer service center

We buy and deliver the best and original product

Comfortable home service for both hairdressing and makeover

Products we deal in

To mention a few products we deal in

Body creams and lotions

Face and body cleanser

Bathing soap

Perfumes and body spray


Attachments(Xpression, darling superstar etc)

Weavons (such as 100% human hair and good quality synthetic weavons )

Makeup kit

Hair Relaxer

……Just order any beauty and cosmetic product we will deliver it to you

Service we will render

Hairdressing – Guess what? You don’t need to sit in that boring salon or you don’t need to go into the scorching sun just because you want to make your hair, all you have to do is order for our home service hairdressing, we will come to your home and make your hair. With just with one click, you can order the attachment or weavon you need and also order for our professional hairdresser.

Makeover – You do not need to worry about getting your makeup done perfectly, with just one click you can order for our professional make up artist and we’ll get to your home or comfort to give you the best makeover service.

How to order

Kindly click here to order now

★Click on the order now.

★ Drop all the details about the product and service you want, including pictures and any details you think will be helpful.

★ You are done, just relax and we will deliver within 24 hours.

★ Payment on delivery.

Guess what? If you refer 5 new customers to order for a product in Glamorama, you will get a free hairdressing service to make any type of hair you wish (Note: you will buy the things needed for the hairdressing in our store and you get our service for free)

We’ll offer a discount for your hairdressing service after ordering from Glamorama up to ten times.

Where we deliver

For now, we only deliver within lagos. We are sorry if we can’t deliver to your state, we are currently working on covering the whole of Nigeria. Once we are done with this we’ll notify you as soon as possible.

What is keeping you waiting? Order now!!

With Glamorama you don’t need to stress yourself. We will do the stress while you sit in your comfort.

Order now.


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