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Five Things You Do That Can Destroy Your Relationship

There many things people do when  in a relationship destroy a relationship out of it we will discuss Five things that can destroy a relationship withing few months

1. Lack of communication:

 For a relationship to be strong and healthy, there is need for an adequate communication between lovers. When couples hardly communicate with one another, it leads to misunderstanding and also they will start having doubts about each other. Not calling your man is a sign that you are not serious or you are cheating.

2. Insecurities:

 once there is insecurity, there is a problem. Always trust your man not your friends, some of your friends are not happy with your relationship so don’t always take on their advice’s.

3. Comparing your boyfriend to other guys: Making your man feel he is not trying enough or he is not capable enough and comparing him to other guys also kills the relationship.

4. Demanding always:

 please things are hard now so have mercy on him and stop demanding everything from him. You are his girlfriend not his wife, you should cut down on too much expenses. No man wants a liberty and someone who spends too lavishly around him.

5. Being on bad term with his friends:

when you are dating a guy beware of his friends, they can destroy your relationship. Make sure you are in good terms with them and avoid getting in trouble with them because they can easily influence the mind of your boyfriend.

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