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Five Common Mistakes Men Are Prone To While In A Relationship

1. Choosing a woman with beauty alone:

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This is the common mistake committed by almost all men. True, it is difficult to look past the attractiveness. However, it is important to remember that in due course of time, beauty fades. Then it is the other factors like compatibility, intellectual ability etc. that matter. There surely has to be a proper blend if you don’t want to be caught with a bimbo for the rest of your life.

2. Hot temper and rude behavior:
Actions like being rude to the waiter or cab driver or getting involved in unnecessary fights with random people is the signature of a narcissistic creep.

3. Self-obsession:
This can be a big turn-off for any woman. No matter how good looking, self-obsession is a trait of the unsecured. Habits like constantly being bothered about your looks, checking out your reflection even in a spoon, being a constant shopaholic, etc will give her the feeling that she is with one of her girlfriends.

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4. Showing off yourself:
There is a very thin line between telling her about your achievements and bragging about them. Women hate braggers. They find them stupid and annoying. Instead, just tell her about yourself. As far as your achievements are concerned, let her find them out herself. She will appreciate your modesty.

5. Sending gifts to her every-time:
Big mistake! It is the signature of a person plagued by insecurity and foolishness. When you do this; you are indirectly sending her the message saying that, you are so insecure about yourself and hence you need to buy gifts in order to get her attracted to you. You may look like a desperate person, trying so hard to get into a relationship.

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