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Five advantages Of  love quote and how to make full use of them

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60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

Get that Chick you’ve been Longing for with a powerful Love quote.

Do you suddenly develop cold feet when approaching a lady you like? You probably haven’t even asked a girl out yet. you obviously feel bad about this

You are right to feel this way, I’ve been in your place before, I know exactly how you feel.

Asking a girl out has always been my Achilles heel, I Would fantasize all day without taking action. In my university days, I watched on as my friends went away with all the Good looking girls. My curiosity even tripled when those who aren’t as Good looking as me got the beautiful chicks while I wallow away in my small room.

After a cold and lonely night, Finally, I decided to Learn the Secret which I will be sharing with you on this article. You wanna find out how a total nerd like me Became my College most-sought-after guy? Hmm, stay tuned.

I am no Casanova, I just know how to play my cards well. I will be teaching you how to do the same with ease. All you need is…….. Sorry, ,you will have to wait a little longer for me the to reveal my secret.

What if I tell you that there is another way of expressing your Love without moving an inch or uttering a word. Amazing isn’t it? You’ve probably heard it a lot of times that “Words are powerful’. For some reason you chose to ignore that, anyway am telling you this the wild  card that gets me the ladies are ‘well-structuredords’ known as Love Quotes.

Not everyone has success with Love Quotes, or maybe they don’t know how to use it. I have relied on this for years and is still working perfectly for me. I just grabbed the approval of the hottest chick in my place of work with this same trick. Am already a master in this so trust me when I say it will work for you.

I will be showing you the advantages and How to use Love Quotes to get any Caliber of Girl you want. I know you’re dying to find out am not planning on keeping you waiting either,So let’s go to Business…

  1. Gets you the Ladies

Girls want you to to impress them before giving a reply to your proposal. Don’t ruin your chances before you even get started. To kick-start any relationship, you need to get in touch with the lady. You will need her contact. This can be hard if you don’t’tuse the right method.

A love quote may just be what you need. Slip a note into her desk to get her attention. I guarantee that she will return the note back to you with her digits on it.

  1. Help you win a lady’s Heart

I decided to bring this forward because a most relationship ends after the first date. Your conversation with that person will determine if they want you or not.

After spending the night trying to make her laugh you probably don’t want to let her go just like that without giving her something to think through the night.

Am not talking about candies, cakes or snacks like that, I mean something that will connect her with you emotionally, a soft peck on her cheek is cool but come on! this isn’t the medieval era. This is the 21st century give her something more powerful. In case you don’t know, Ladies love sweet words which is more reason why Love Quotes works perfectly for them.

Here is my tip for  you after walking her to the door, Grab her hands slowly and place a light kiss on it. Watch her go in before turning your back to leave. Few minutes after sending her this Love Quote: ” I Fell in Love with the way you touched me without using your hands” or “in your eyes a thousand stars glow tonight, in your heart a thousand heartbeats. But in me one endless Love just because I thought of you”.

Learn to be creative, dump the ‘ I will like to have this dinner with you again’ or ‘ I had a nice time’ it really sucks. Use one of this killer Quotes and get the thought of you on her mind all through the night.

The best option for  shy types

Most people develop phobia when approaching girls, they suddenly can’t find words to express themselves, when they are finally face-to-face with the one they love. their brain goes blank and they start blubbering. This can be Embarrassing.

To prevent this from happening, after getting her digits, Send her a Love Quote that expresses your feeling. That single message will give a good first impression about you.

Helps creativity with words

People are so bad with words, image someone still Using ‘ You are the Cockroach in my Cupboard’ or ‘the I on my phone. That is so boring and outdated. No one will fall for you when you use that.

Some guys are good with words while others are simply terrible. Don’t do the mistake of using the above words when asking a girl out. You will simply ruin your chances. Instead, use a captivating Love Quote she will fall for.

Before approaching a girl, get all your fabulous Quotes in place, if you aren’t good at memorizing, simply jot down on a sheet of paper. When you sight the girl coming, just take a Quick look at your paper to get all the right words in place. Then Confidently walk towards her and give her a piece of what you have.

Gets you ‘the Charmer’ Reputation

Your success with Love Quotes will get you the ladies. At the same time, you earn a reputation as a ‘Charmer’ among your friends. This will boost your confidence, with time you may not be needing the Quotes any more. You will become so good that others will pick a line or two from your special quotes.

Ladies just can’t resist when I ask them out. This is my secret weapon-the Casanova’s Secret’.

Love Quotes are powerful. The Ball is in now your court, use it wisely.




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