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Eyewitness Report; Drake and Blac Chyna flirting and  partying at La club

Drake and Blac Chyna seems to be leading somewhere unknown to us, the two was spotted partying together at The Nice Guy in LA on July 17, but it appears their relationship might just be platonic! Here’s why!

We ain’t sure if Blac Chyna is a relationship with YBN Almighty Jay , but if she is  that didn’t stop her from having a good time with Drake.

Drake and Blac Chyna had lot of fun at The Nice Guy on July 17. “Blac was at Drake’s table all night, and they were talking and flirting a lot, but that’s as a far as it went. They didn’t hook up. Blac is very loyal to Nicki Minaj . She wouldn’t go behind her back with Drake. She would have to get Nicki’s blessing first for it to happen, and she’s not trying to do that right now,” a source close to Chyna tells “ HollywoodLife”

“She’s happy with her boyfriend, and happy to keep Drake as a good friend. She’s known him for almost 10 years, and she knows his whole OVO crew too, they’re all tight. Drake and Nicki have a special relationship, it’s not something Blac would want to get in the middle of,” our insider continued. For those of you who don’t know, Drake has had a thing for Nicki since 2010 after admitting, “I’ve always really, actually really had a crush on her,” during an interview with MTV2’s Sucker Free Countdown. However, things between the two were never romantic, but their friendship did go through some rough patches. In fact, at one point they weren’t even on speaking terms.

Nicki recently opened up about their friendship and Drake’s feud with Meek Mill while she was in a relationship with Meek during an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1. “I did love both of them. I couldn’t erase the love I had for my team, but I also couldn’t speak out,” Nicki said. “I felt imprisoned in that moment,” Nicki added in reference to Meek’s diss that Drake doesn’t write his own songs. Luckily, the two were able to repair their relationship as Nicki was featured on Drake’s latest album Scorpion. So with all of that history, we can understand why Chyna is treading lightly.

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