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Drake is drooling over Nicki Minaj’s cover art for her new album

Canadian/ American singer Drake , is going crazy for   Nicki Minaj ‘s incredibly sexy new pics for her upcoming album

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This is  making Drake  think about whether or not there’s a possibility for them to have another romantic encounter in the future.

A friend of Drake’s EXCLUSIVELY told   HollywoodLife “Drake is drooling over Nicki’s cover art for her new album, he’s very impressed by how on fire her body is,”

. “Drake would love another shot to hook up with her. She looks better than ever so of course he wants to enjoy that. The timing is never right between them but he is hoping she will make time for him now because she is banging.”

In addition to Nicki’s amazing looks, Drake loves how she’s been sticking up for him in his newsworthy feud with fellow rapper Pusha T . “Drake’s very down with Nicki right now, the fact that she defended him in his feud with Pusha T was major,” the friend continued. “He won’t forget that. And he won’t forget these pictures of Nicki, he loves it.” Drake and Nicki’s history has always been up and down but it’s good to know they seem to have each other’s backs when it matters most!

Although Drake is thinking about being the special man in Nicki’s life, he may have to try harder than he thinks for her affection. The 35-year-old “Super Bass” rapper has been making headlines with bets on who will become the next love in her life. From Eminem , 45, to ex Meek Mill , 31, who Drake has also seemed to have a feud with , there are various choices for Ms. Nicki to choose from but who knows, she may end up continuing to be single for a while. She seems to do independence well! We guess we’ll have to wait and see if Drake captures her attention once again!

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