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DOWNLOAD LEAKED ALBUM: Beyonce —Back Up Rewind

Beyonce (Queen Carter) album surprising surfaced on-line, and the album is titled “Back Up, Rewind” (MP3/ZIP File). The project house 10 tracks.

This tracks can be said to a leaked track because it has been taken down on all music store but we are making it available to all the bey fans.

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Beyonce — Back Up rewind Zip File

DOWNLOAD MP3: Beyonce – Back Up

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Lost Yo Mind

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: New Shoes

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Black Culture

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Twerk

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Sexy Lil Thug

DOWNLOAD MP3: Forever To Bleed

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Keep Giving Your Love To Me

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ice Cream Truck

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Beyonce – What’s It Gonna Be

Download MP4 Money Video

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